Copy website: JOIN MSS

Ever heard of the Marshall-Smith Syndrome? An accelerated bone aging disease with dangerous complications and physical + mental limitations. ‘Only’ 50 children worldwide have this syndrome of which 3 live in the Netherlands. The question was, how can we make the world of MSS a bit bigger and better known? Working for TIM dialogue marketing I donated the copy for their website.

Client: TIM dialogue marketing
Copy: Ray Pluim
Design: Tim dialogue marketing
Website: www.joinmss.com


Ray Pluim +31(0)6 5510 83 97 ray@puray.nl




Jua is a twelve-year-old boy with a passion for football. Every spare moment he devotes to playing soccer with his friends. He’s a real Ballieman. Football, his ruling passion, inspired him to set up his own Ballieman clothing line. Together we set out to develop a new clothing line with accessories aimed at young people aged 12-18, starting with T-shirts, sweatshirts and a cap.

Client: Ballieman
Activities: Strategie, concepten, ontwerp en begeleiding
Website: www.ballieman.com

Ray Pluim +31(0)6 5510 83 97 ray@puray.nl