The names of used parts and explanations on the invoice of car garages is often way too difficult for the ‘average person’. An important reason why many people go to a friend or a ‘shady’ garage for car repairs, because they don’t trust the high costs of repairs on the invoice they don’t understand. Techneutentaal.nl promotes ‘clear language’ on garage invoices. An online list of words + animated video’s with simple explanations helps you understand repairs & services a bit more.


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WNF-LifeGuard. Wildlife Crime

In recent years Wildlife Crime has been growing fast. Ruthless poachers kill tens of thousands of elephants every year, just for their ivory. Hundreds of rhinos are poached as well, for their horns. The tusks and horns mainly go to Asia. If this is to continue, beautiful Africa as we know it will soon be completely plundered! This is why WWF has launched a global campaign against Wildlife Crime. To raise awareness among young people, we created a campaign called “Support your hero in the field”. As LifeGuards, participants could convey their support to the Park Rangers by means of a virtual postcard with their personal text and photo, to be sent online to the rangers.

Client: WNF-LifeGuard Bureau: edividual
Activities: Strategy, concept, design en project management
Website: life-guard.wnf.nl

Ray Pluim +31(0)6 5510 83 97 ray@puray.nl