Content video format: BLLMN STREET SPIT

To find engagement with the Ballieman target audience we created this Street Spit format, where we challenge young mc’s to record their own song including Ballieman ‘name dropping’ lyrics. The best rappers with the nicest tracks get the chance to shoot a video on their own turf and win cool Ballieman gear.

Client: Ballieman Streetwear
Format, concept:  Ray Pluim/Remco Sangers
Camera, edit, directors:  Ray Pluim/Remco Sangers
Copy: Ray Pluim Graphics: Remco Sangers



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Ray Pluim +31(0)6 5510 83 97 ray@puray.nl




Jua is a twelve-year-old boy with a passion for football. Every spare moment he devotes to playing soccer with his friends. He’s a real Ballieman. Football, his ruling passion, inspired him to set up his own Ballieman clothing line. Together we set out to develop a new clothing line with accessories aimed at young people aged 12-18, starting with T-shirts, sweatshirts and a cap.

Client: Ballieman
Activities: Strategie, concepten, ontwerp en begeleiding
Website: www.ballieman.com

Ray Pluim +31(0)6 5510 83 97 ray@puray.nl